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What’s Your Element?

Discovering which of the 5 elements governs your dominant body type could be the key to unlocking your optimal health.

Are You Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water?
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The quiz reveals your element – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water, and our companion Ancient Guide to Your Body Type shows you how…

Your specific element type influences your body’s response to many aspects of everyday life… and how it uniquely impacts your overall health.

To nourish your body for optimum health by learning how to eat foods that support your specific element… and which foods to avoid (it may not be what you think!).

To interpret the check engine light going off in your body and they can help you live happier and healthier through TCM recommendations.

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About Dr. Anis

Dr. Anis Khalaf, OMD, AP is the co-author of the The Ancient Guide to Your Body Type.

Dr. Anis specializes in helping patients improve their health through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and modern technology.

After a health scare of his own and finding relief through Traditional Chinese herbs, he devoted his life to studying TCM. Today his practice has evolved into a unique integration of Eastern AND Western Medicine.

He works with many patients struggling with a variety of health issues including pain, anxiety, addiction, digestive issues, infertility, insomnia, skin conditions, and weight concerns.

Dr. Anis’s vision is to help as many people as possible optimize their health and wellness through Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine programs.

Once you know which element governs your body type, this ebook offers guidance for how to nourish your body for optimum health based on your unique makeup so you can start feeling better, faster!

Take the TCM Body Element Quiz today and
find out whether you’re Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water… and how that impacts your health!

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