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I recently received a series of treatments from Dr. Anis. I suffer from sever psoriatic arthritis. As a result of the treatments I regained full range of motion in my left shoulder, my pain levels have decreased dramatically, my energy levels have increased along with my spirits and for the first time in 3 years, I played an 18 hole round of golf pain free. I simply can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Anis. My only complaint is that I live 5 hours away.

Feb. 18th, 2015

Dr. Anis Khalaf truly takes the whole person into account during treatment. At first, I sought acupuncture for weight loss. But upon an initial review, we quickly realized that I had more troubling symptoms than I thought. Not only had I been eating right and exercising regularly without being able to lose much weight, I also was experiencing mild depression, irritability, fatigue, and insomnia. I think many doctors would have simply questioned my diet & exercise regime, given me some Prozac and sleeping pills, and sent me on my way. But, Dr. Anis went to the root of the problem (with blood and hormone testing, and close, constant monitoring), and discovered the underlying cause: a kidney deficiency. Boy, was that unexpected! I would’ve never thought to even look for a kidney deficiency.  But, as soon as we knew, things started to fall into place: my sleep was disturbed by frequent urination at night (I hadn’t even noticed!), and cascading symptoms from both that and my ailing kidneys had sent my hormones all out of whack. Not to mention that I could’ve faced a chronic, more serious condition, had I failed to understand what was happening with my kidneys. I’m happy to report that I am on the mend now—real, actual health, and not simply covering up symptoms—by Dr. Anis’s careful guidance and sensitive treatment.

Oct. 20th, 2014

I went to go see Dr Anis because I currently have kidney stones and have been experiencing extreme stress and anxiety from starting a new job. After only one treatment, I feel a world of difference. I am able to hear my body again and am not overwhelmed with symptoms. The pain is no longer radiating. I was also given some herbal tea to help cleanse and possibly “dissolve” my stones. I cannot express how much Dr Anis is able to help! He is warm, inviting and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. No matter what is ailing you, Dr Anis will help!

May 3rd, 2014

“Unless you have surgery you will die a horrible death”, the urologist told me. In spite of the shock I simply replied, “I have a great God”. With a tumor and stone in my bladder it was evident that something had to be done. Since I had congestive heart failure earlier the cardiologist agreed with me, “No surgery!’ That all transpired two years ago. Now I just received my last sonogram report, “the cancerous tumor and stone no longer evident in bladder”. Is that a miracle or what?! Yes, through the hands and care of two great doctors of acupuncture! Dr. Anis Khalaf was introduced to me by my chiropractor, Dr Shebovsky, and initiated me to the whole acupuncture process and on my road to healing. Very wisely after about six months he co-treated with Dr Zhi Liang Huo, under whom he had studied for additional observation and treatments. Their acupuncture treatments along with some Chinese herbs really did the job. I also incorporated naturapathic treatments using cottage cheese and flax seed oil. Along with a proper diet and the prayers of my many friends on February 25th, 2013 I was declared HEALED! I truly have a great God, Jesus, by whose stripes I have been healed. The skills and care of Dr Anis Khalaf and Dr Zhi Liang Huo God used to accomplish this. Never will I cease to be grateful for their labor for me. God bless them!

May 2nd, 2013

I had lower back pain for a very long time and my family doctor put me on pain medication and I got an CT Scan of my lower back. I visited a chiropractor with no success. Then I found out about Dr Anis Khalaf and was treated with acupuncture and a series of injections into my lower back. It helped me so much that after 3 months of treatment I was pain free and can enjoy life again. Dr Anis Khalaf takes a lot of time for his patients, listens to their concerns and treats you like family. What a rare find. He can treat patient for many different conditions. Just give it a try and it could change your life.

Feb. 12th, 2013

I had been suffering with migraines and neck pain due to a bad car accident four years ago. I had tried everything and had been to several doctors and nothing helped. They told me I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I then tried Dr. Anis about 4 months ago and he has helped my migraines and neck pain. I no longer have the migraines or pain and I’m off of all the pain meds. I really thought I would never see the day I would have no headaches. I am very thankful to Dr. Anis, he has given me my life back.

Sept. 20th, 2012

Dr Anis Khalaf has intelligence combined with a great bedside manner and a wonderful smile. He is punctual and carries in intelligent interesting conversations. He is a donor to the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar association. That organization is a nonprofit organization that helps abused and neglected children right here in Orlando, Florida.

Sept. 5th, 2012

I was doing squats and something slipped in my lower back. For a week I could barely move. I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes. I knew my doctor would treat my pain with a muscle relaxant, pain meds, and a steroid; all of these treatment options did not appeal to me. I was in debilitating pain for over a month without relief. A friend of mine referred me to Dr Anis at acupuncture fit. After a thorough interview and systemreview, Dr Anis began acupuncture and cupping therapy. I experienced a great amount of relief within a few hours of treatment. I continued treatments with Dr Anis biweekly and even had a few chiropractic alignment treatments from his father who shares the facility. Within three weeks I felt great with only pain on exertion. I continued my treatment and also incorporated a daily stretching routine. Within 8 weeks post-injury I was 100%, I was even back in the gym lifting again. Dr Anis is phenomenal!!!

Jul. 8th, 2012

For six years I suffered from contact dermatitis. I have been to dermatologists, allergists, and internal medicine doctors.  All doctors prescribed ointments and pills. The rash returned every year.  This year my Chiropractor referred me to Dr. Anis Khalaf for acupuncture treatments.  After 7 treatments my rash has disappeared.  I cannot thank Dr. Anis enough for finally resolving this debilitating itchy rash. I highly recommend Dr. Anis Khalaf!

Jun. 14th, 2012

My daughter suffers from migraines accompanied by vertigo every 3 months. We took her to see Dr Anis twice a week for a few weeks and then once a week for a few weeks and then only as needed. Since she has seen Dr Anis she has not had a recurrence. Dr Anis is a Dr that truly cares how his patients feel. We recently moved and will miss seeing Dr Anis.

Apr. 12th, 2012

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with depression,.however I have suffered from the symptoms since the age of 12. I have been on over 15 different medications and experienced every side effect imaginable. My biggest recurring fear was the feeling that no matter what I did or tried it wasn’t enough to combat my own mind and the depression would continue to win. Thanks to Dr. Anis Khalaf I,now feel like I am capable of winning, not my depression. I no longer feel like it controls me and the fear has lifted. The acupuncture has not eliminated my depression, rather it helps me function daily, fight the fight, and honestly smile back at others when smiled at. Thank you Dr. Anis, for helping me win the battle.

Mar. 27th, 2012

I am officially a believer in acupuncture and chiropractics now! Seriously, this has been life changing… I’ve been dealing with neck and back issues for years due to work and sports and had tried massage therapy and medication to try to rid the pain without any success. Then, one of my friends suggested acupuncture. I was a little timid at first but Dr. Khalaf explained everything and made me feel at ease. After only 1 treatment, I can stand up straight -I am about an inch taller, I can rotate my neck with ease, my body feels more loose and relaxed and I sleep better… its amazing! I strongly recommend both of them to anyone!

Mar. 26th, 2012

I had “frozen shoulder” and I went to my chiropractor to see if he could do something. My shoulder was frozen as if I had a sling on and was extremely painful. I also had a problem with my lower back. The Chiro informed me that he now had an acupuncturist available…Dr. Anis Khalaf. I was familiar with acupuncture, but Dr. Anis explained he was trained to do Interated Medicine. This meant he used Eastern and Western methods. He injected my shoulder and did acupuncure on my back. I expected relief for my back and got it. I was shocked by the reduction in pain and that my arm now could move substantially more. I had learned prior to this that it could take up to 2 years to unfreeze a shoulder. Needless to say I am a happy patient and highly recommend Dr. Anis.

Feb. 7th, 2012

I was told by my MD I am borderline diabetic so Dr Anis was recommended to Me I traveled from San Antonio Texas to Orlando Florida, Dr Anis diagnosed me for the condition I have and he recommended a treatment plan and we did that and immediately after that I stopped the sweating and don’t feel too tired I sleep better at night too, thanks thanks and a million thanks dr Anis for all your help may God bless your treating hands, wish you the best always.

Dec. 10th, 2011

I am very happy with Dr. Anis Khalaf as my doctor. I have gone to specialists for years and not gotten any relief from my back pain. I have only gone to Dr. Anis for 2 months now and have seen and felt a world of difference. He is very personable and helpful. I used to take up to 12 motrins a day and still be in pain, now I don’t take any. He seems very concerned and sincere. It’s refreshing to meet a doctor that actually listens to you.

Dec. 6th, 2011

I had a great experience, it was my first time getting acupuncture and it really helped relieve my elbow pain. I am currently getting some scar reduction treatments for a burn scar he noticed on my forearm. So far i have had positive results and noticed reduction in its appearance.

Sept. 13th, 2011