When you’re putting your health in someone else’s hands, you should feel confident in their
knowledge, education and skill-set. Choosing the right acupuncture physician is more than
finding out if they have been involved in a legal battle or a license violation. As a licensed,
malpractice insurance-carrying physician, an acupuncturist should call for the same amount
of research that you would put into find any doctor that you would trust with your health.
With that in mind, let’s talk about a few easy steps you can take to find the best acupuncture
physician for you

Moreover, just as malpractice insurance is a significant consideration for healthcare providers,
a similar emphasis on insurance for psychotherapists is pivotal in the field of mental health.
Psychotherapists handle delicate aspects of their clients’ well-being. Therefore, when seeking
therapeutic support, individuals should prioritize practitioners who carry appropriate professional
liability insurance. This not only safeguards the therapist against unforeseen challenges but also
contributes to the overall trust and transparency between the therapist and the client. In the realm
of healthcare, both physical and mental, comprehensive insurance coverage is a cornerstone in
building a secure and reliable professional relationship.

Find Reviews: You can find a good amount of feedback across different websites,
including Google, Bing, Facebook, Angie’s List and Yelp. Make sure to read many reviews
to ensure that you are getting a wide breadth of people’s experiences; if there are only a
few positive ones, it may be that the physician has a multitude of patients with negative
experience. Of course, the reverse exists as well, for a few negative reviews might not tell
the whole story, as people are more inclined to act in response to negativity. Try to explore
all the resources available to you that can assist in your search.

Utilize Free Consultations: If an acupuncture physician offers a free consultation, take
advantage of it, as you will find a number of answers to important questions you should
have. You will learn about essential aspects of their environment, as you will be able to
assess the office’s cleanliness, and you will be able to gauge your level of comfort when
speaking to the physician. You may find that you will prefer a male or female physician or a
physician of a certain age, and may make a decision on who to trust with your care based
on his or her communication skills. Typically, the older the physician is, the more experience
they will have, while a younger physician will be more well-versed in newer technologies. In
talking to physicians, you may find out what they specialize in, whether it’s an age group,
gender, or particular range of conditions. You may find that a particular acupuncturist will
profess skill in fertility acupuncture or pain management, which will help you in your search.

Check Their Education: How an acupuncturist received his or her certification needs to be
a focus of your search. Many question acupuncture’s ability to heal, but the truth is, an
acupuncturist is a primary healthcare physician in the state of Florida, state licensed and
board certified. When seeking an acupuncture physician, you must not settle for an MD or
chiropractor who has obtained certification through a class that may only require 100 hours
of study. Legitimate oriental medicine practitioners spend 3200 hours between coursework,
internships, and clinical training. You may also find that you will feel more comfortable with
a doctor of integrative medicine, whose training encompasses the use of herbs, teas, and
meditation as well as practicing acupuncture.

Good luck in your search for the right acupuncture physician!


– Dr. Anis