For those of you still unfamiliar with acupuncture, you may be surprised to learn the similarities between diagnosing and treating problems in Western medicine and alternative health medicine. Often, public opinion views acupuncture as lacking the type of statistical analysis that is the basis of diagnosis in western medicine. But that’s simply not the case! In your initial consultation that I personally offer for free, you’ll be asked to submit an intake form that helps me understand your medical history, head to toe, skin to bone.

Because alternative health medicine has the capability to affect so many aspects of the body, I’ll need to know what medications you may be taking, what allergies you have, answers to additional questions about any organ pain, headaches, sleep tendencies, energy level, appetite, emotional state, and height and weight. I’ll take your pulse, check your tongue (Why? Read more about Tongue Diagnosis!) and record your blood pressure and temperature.

There are some variables that will affect your treatment type. These include: Coumadin, silicone allergy, and pregnancy. Because there is a chance that treatment will draw blood, if you are prescribed blood thinners you should tell me in advance. Since a few of the instruments are coated in silicone, you should also tell me about any allergies you have so I can instead use non-silicone-based instruments. And while acupuncture and other forms of alternative health medicine are absolutely conducive to treating pregnant women, you should tell me if you are pregnant, as the treatment of pregnant patients requires special precautions.

If we decide that acupuncture treatment is the right therapy for you, I will put an average of between five to eight instruments in the body for twenty-five minutes, during which you will simply be resting. Common results patients usually experience soon after treatment are an increase in energy and a better night’s sleep; a couple of treatments could give you various signs that your health is improving. However, my goal –as much I like you–is not to see you in my office. Let’s get healthy using the help of alternative health medicine, everyone!