A frustrated patient came into our office recently with borderline high cholesterol. The patient’s primary care physician prescribed cholesterol medication, and when the patient refused the meds, the physician questioned, “Why not? I’m on it, my cholesterol is normal, and now I can eat what I want.” I applauded my patient for seeking a different route to health, and I decided to see for myself how I could prescribe willpower and self-denial to achieve better wellbeing.

As an experiment, I took it upon myself and just completed a 21 day custom detox including no alcohol, no processed foods and no refined flour. I lost 16 lbs., my BMI is spot-on normal, my energy is through the roof, and any joint stiffness I had is gone! I’m not trying to impress anyone, but impress upon everyone that optimal health can be achieved through sacrifice and self control rather than a quick fix with horrible side effects. Am I perturbed that I have to buy new pants because I dropped three waist sizes? Not nearly as frustrated when I compare the cost of a new wardrobe compared to radical surgery and medication.

If you are looking to live a happier, healthier and pain-free life with your family, if you want to prepare yourself to fit into some slim fall fashions, or you just want to do it for yourself, then I challenge you to dig a little deeper and do something to change your health for the better. You can make excuses or you can be healthy. You can’t do both.