Does acupuncture hurt? I can safely say that no, the vast majority of the time acupuncture neither hurts nor draws blood. If anything is done with force beyond moderation it can hurt, whether it be eating too much pizza or inserting a sharp instrument into your body. At my Orlando alternative medicine clinic, Acupuncture Fit, I actually use acupuncture for pain relief.

Under a microscope, an acupuncture instrument looks like the tip of your pinky finger. It’s rounded and smooth, which is why it enters the body without causing pain, but instead with a sensation of slight pressure moving the nerves and vasculature to the left and right as it passes through. If you were to look at a hypodermic needle (a typical injection instrument) under a microscope, however, you would see that it is sharp and serrated, which is why when it penetrates the skin, it tears it, causing pain to the surrounding nerves and drawing blood.

While acupuncture is primarily used to treat illness and malady, it is simultaneously a sort of enhanced massage. It doesn’t just affect muscles and tissue; it brings blood to the area of insertion, draws energy and induces relaxation and healing. The word disease is built from “dis,” meaning without, and “ease.” It represents a disruption of the ease of flow through your body; dis-ease! Once you get energy flowing again, the body is able to overcome illness more effectively and function properly. Receiving acupuncture for pain employs the same principle: the energy directed to or from the site of the pain will help to harness your body’s natural healing and pain relief capabilities.

Energy is the basis of the body’s processes. Acupuncture for pain is not the only alternative medicine service available at my acupuncture clinic; over time I have refined my skills in cupping, herbal remedies, and food and exercise therapy. Schedule a free consultation with me today and we can outline a customized plan to help you achieve peace, health, wellness, and balance in your life.