Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Dr. Anis Khalaf, I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and I practice integrative medicine at Acupuncture Fit in Orlando. My office is located at 1060 Woodcock Rd., Suite 103, Orlando, FL 32803. Your initial consultation is free; you can find out more information about it here.

My health awareness began at an early age growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, as my father was a chiropractor and my mother fed us homemade organic food a majority of the time.  I learned about healing practices that weren’t always centered in Western medicine, as whenever I got sick or caught a cold I wouldn’t go ahead and take a prescription medication right away, but took a vitamin, homeopathic treatment or other nutraceutical for remedy.

I attended the University of South Florida and received my medical training at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando. In addition to my education there, however, I logged over 900 hours as a student of a world renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine. With him I learned a five needle scalp acupuncture technique that has been passed down through his family, which he now teaches in seminars all over the world. He himself comes from a long line of innovative doctors, his uncle having performed the first successful reattachment of a severed arm. I’ve traveled with him all over the country and helped conduct seminars, walking his walk and learning his philosophies. Throughout the experience I had to leave my western mind at the door and open up to eastern ways of thinking and performing medicine, seeing firsthand the incredible number of people he’s helped, and then finding amazing results with over 400 of my own patients through use of the techniques he taught me.

Now, as a full-time practitioner of Oriental Medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, I treat my patients with Eastern medicine for holistic body healing. I never ask anyone to forgo conventional Western medicine, but instead utilize a combination of both sciences. Out of all the drug treatments that exist for treating difficult illnesses, the most powerful healing combinations I’ve experienced are those which share elements of Oriental medicine—honed over thousands of years of practice—and integrating the revolutionary technology of the West.

At Acupuncture Fit we treat patients with homeopathy, ancient healing techniques of acupuncture with natural injections for pain, food therapy, exercise training programs, and more. I’ll be using this space to talk about what I offer, current trends in health, integrative medicine, and how best to improve your quality of life. I hope you may learn something that will change your life.