The tongue can carry many hues: black, purple, or paler shades of its normal color. It can possess a thick, yellow coating, a white coating, or a greasy coating, each of which indicates different happenings inside the body according to Oriental Medicine.

I have a patient who is a bartender in Winter Park. This patient reports that he is no longer able to taste wine, an ability that is essential to his job. It is difficult to determine whether this is because of years of toxicity from imbibing alcohol or due to other factors, but I’m treating him with alternative medicine therapies in order to remove some of the excess coating on his tongue so I can help him improve his condition.

In Oriental Medicine, the tongue is considered a very powerful indicator of health. It can be sectioned off to identify swelling, spots, thinness or rigidity; these characteristics provide information about irregularities in the body. Identifying smothered taste buds can signal the presence of an imbalance in the body, so you should pay attention to the condition of your tongue to help monitor your health. Alternative medicine therapies are an option for you if your tongue is showing signs of body imbalance.

The Mayo Clinic reports that nearly 40 percent of adults use integrative medicine for treatment, combining Western and Eastern medicine and therapies for whole body healing. If integrative medicine interests you, call my Orlando acupuncture clinic, Acupuncture Fit, to schedule a free consultation today. We can discuss alternative medicine therapies, including tongue diagnosis, that will help you to achieve healing, health, and whole body wellness.